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Attention: Technology Update at Dr. Seminara’s office

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I am pleased to announce a technology update that we hope will improve the patient experience at our office. Starting this week we will be using email and text messages to send out automated confirmations and reminders for our patient’s appointments. It is my job to be sure that all of our patient’s contact information is correct, so that they can quickly and easily confirm their appointments with the click of a button. In addition, the emails will come with a feature to automatically add the appointment into your digital calendar, and other useful information for patients. My goal is to provide patients with a more convenient way to maintain contact with us, and via text or email which they can answer any time of day, even after office hours, and it will be reflected in our schedule immediately. This should lead to less instances of “phone tag”, and less having to respond to voice mails. Of course, any patient who prefers to be contacted by telephone will absolutely still be! And we can always be reached by phone at our office number, 5148443112.

We have more plans for our technology updates in the future, and are constantly working to improve what we do and how we communicate with our patients. Eventually we would like to have the ability for patients to book their own appointments directly into our schedule online. We are also looking at methods of asking for feedback from our patients, so we can tailor any changes we make to what you find most important. Ultimately our goal is to make the administrative side of the patient experience as simple as possible. So please, whether by phone or by email, or whenever you are in the office, let me know how we are doing. Your input and suggestions are very appreciated!!!


Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you,
Secretary to Dr. Seminara

Elizabeth, secretary to Dr. Seminara, is in charge of office administration and patient communication

Elizabeth, secretary to Dr. Seminara, is in charge of office administration and patient communication